Image Processing and Analysis with Graphs: Theory and Practice

ISBN: 9781439855072
Series: Digital Imaging and Computer Vision
Published: July 03, 2012 by CRC Press - 562 Pages
Editor(s): Olivier Lézoray, University of Caen, France;
Leo Grady, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
  1. Graph theory concepts and definitions used in image processing and analysis.
    • Olivier Lézoray and Leo Grady
  2. Graph Cuts --- Combinatorial Optimization in Vision.
    • Hiroshi Ishikawa
  3. Higher-order models in Computer Vision.
    • Pushmeet Kohli and Carsten Rother
  4. A Parametric Maximum Flow Approach for Discrete Total Variation Regularization.
    • Antonin Chambolle and Jérome Darbon
  5. Targeted image segmentation using graph methods.
    • Leo Grady
  6. A short tour of mathematical morphology on edge and vertex weighted graphs.
    • Laurent Najman and Fernand Meyer
  7. Partial difference equations on graphs for local and nonlocal image processing.
    • Olivier Lézoray, Abderrahim Elmoataz, Vinh-Thong Ta and Sébastien Bougleux
  8. Image denoising with non-local spectral graph wavelets.
    • David Hammond, Laurent Jacques and Pierre Vandergheynst
  9. Image and Video Matting.
    • Jue Wang
  10. Optimal Simultaneous Multi-Surface and Multi-Object Image Segmentation.
    • Xiaodong Wu, Mona Garvin and Milan Sonka
  11. Hierarchical Graph encodings.
    • Luc Brun and Walter Kropatsch
  12. Graph-based dimensionality reduction.
    • John Aldo Lee and Michel Verleysen
  13. Graph Edit Distance -- Theory, Algorithms and Applications.
    • Miquel Ferrer and Horst Bunke
  14. The Role of Graphs in Matching Shapes and in Categorization.
    • Benjamin Kimia
  15. 3D Shape Registration Using Spectral Graph Embedding and Probabilistic Matching.
    • Avinash Sharma, Radu Horaud and Diana Mateus
  16. Modeling Images with Undirected Graphical Models.
    • Marshall Tappen
  17. Tree-walk kernels for computer vision.
    • Zaid Harchaoui and Francis Bach


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